Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Custom Over-Molded Cables And Connectors

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We specialize in custom cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer with the abilities to manufacture custom cables at our facilities in Dongguan, China. We are one of the few custom cable manufacturers with the engineering expertise to manufacture a wide range of cables including custom cables, custom wire harnesses, electromechanical assemblies, computer cables, custom power cables, custom molded cables, custom RF cables, custom ribbon cable assemblies, medical cable assemblies, networking cables, cell phone data cables, HDMI cables and bulk Cat5E cable.

Engineering, quality and manufacturing expertise sets us apart from other custom cable manufacturers. Assembly and cable engineers with decades of experience aligned with an ERP and quality system designed to process the most complex custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses ensure a high quality, repeatable product. We are ISO 9001:2000 certified for manufacturing and design, and are UL certified for wire processing and cable assembly. All cable assemblies and wire harnesses are 100% electrically tested. In addition to standard wire processing and crimping equipment, we have custom tooling, machining and molding capabilities in house which allows us to react faster than most other custom cable assembly and wire harness manufacturers.

Having our custom cable assembly and wire harness manufacturing facility in China allows our customers to benefit from lower cost structures that are typically reserved for standard cable assemblies.