Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Transformers & Magnetic Assemblies

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We offer complete in-house engineering and design services that will provide the most cost effective solutions for your magnetic requirements. Whether it's a new design, customer design or existing product, we are able to deliver prototypes quickly while discussing any issues that need to be addressed with your engineers or design team. All products will be manufactured to comply with your specific needs and agency requirements. Only the highest quality silicon steel laminate is used (Nippon Steel Imported from Japan). All transformers are of welded construction with robotics. Production lines are fully automated and vacuum pressure impregnation is used in the transformer varnishing process.




products Switching Power Supply MagneticsSwitching Power Supply Magnetics

• All available ferrite geometries

• Fly back, Forward, Push-Pull and other topologies.
• Designs up to 500kHz and 3KW

• Chokes and Inductors



products Power TransformersPower Transformers

• Core & Coil 1Va to 50Kva

• PC Mount to 1Va to100Va

• Single & 3 Phase

• Isolation & Auto

• Custom wire termination



products Toroid Transformers and InductorsToroid Transformers and Inductors

• Ferrite, Powder Iron, Sendust, MPP, and Tape Wound materials.

• Filter Inductors, Current Sense, Common Mode and PFC inductors.

• Self supporting or header mount.





products BobbinBobbin and Self Supporting Coils
• Air Coil, single and multi-layer.
• Bondable wire coils.
• Bobbin wound coils for solenoids.