Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Board level IC's and peripheral sourcing

Materials Procurement

With over 50 Franchised lines and global access to over 100 Million parts we can support your material needs.   We work with your Long Lead times, Allocated, Obsolete and Constrained components.  We will also source your entire Bill Of Materials.. (BOM’s), provide Kitting, Bond Inventory while being delivered with full Bar Coding and Quality Materials. 
“We will be involved with your Supply Chain at every stage of the project.  Development, Engineering, Production/Manufacturing and end of life cycles”
Excess Materials Management

Our client developed Excess Materials Management program provides a unique and high-quality solution for your excess inventories that you no longer have need for and want your shelf space and materials costs solved.  We can either consign or purchase your inventory.
Value Added Services

Complete component Testing of all materials for Authenticity, functionality and reliability. 
Screening of Material to Commercial, Computer, Wireless, Networking, Energy, Defense, Contract Manufacturing, Industrial, Automotive, Military, Medical, and Aerospace industries.